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QS Colo Press Release


"... direct market access that improves liquidity; exceptional reliability and IT, I don't have to think about; and speed in processing my models and my trades .... this is what I look for in my hardware and co-lo providers.  QS Colo Delivers."
Gary E.
Professional Currency Trader
New York, New York


Combine a Multi Display QuadStation plus a QS-Colo Solution for the Ultimate Trading Setup.
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Why You Should Consider QS-Colo for Trading
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International traders optimize your connections to U.S.-based financial markets.
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QS Colo Insight

We are in the midst of a technological paradigm shift. The future of trading as we know it is rapidly moving to the Cloud. A Cloud based trading environment combines, servers, software, networking and storage all in a single converged infrastructure located in a secure datacenter.
QS Colo provides fully dedicated and virtually dedicated high performance hardware and Virtual Private Server (VPS) Solutions for traders serious about their trading environment. Our powerful servers are built to process automated trade algorithms, pre-trade analysis and data intensive applications.

QS Colo was founded by highly experienced traders looking to build and deploy rock solid, super-fast trading systems in a secure datacenter environment. The hardware and colo solutions we offer were formed out of our own necessity to harness speed, stability and scale in our own trading businesses.

We deliver secure, ultra-low latency connectivity to market centers, brokers and market data providers. The QS Colo Solution can benefit a wide range of traders, from at home day traders, prop traders, small/mid-sized Hedge Funds, as well as larger buy and sell side institutional firms..

Faster Trade Execution

Small-Mid Sized Trading Shop/Fund

Power Trader / Day Trader

Large Institutional Traders

High Performance Trading Hardware Trade From Anywhere Around the World Serious Trading Requires a Serious Machine Close Proximity to US Exchanges Means Less Latency Your Trading App Runs 24 x 7 in Direct-to-Market (DMA) Expand Your Trading Capabilities Trade on Any Platform With Any Broker 24 x 7 Increased Opportunities with Deeper Optimization High Level Memory and Processor Resources Cut Development Times

Step-Change Efficiency Gains

We focus on delivering high performance trading hardware and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Solutions to the market above currently offered shared colocation services and just below the larger institutional data centers.

In addition to our VPS solutions, we offer high performance hardware for all trading applications.

High Frequency Trading / Automated Trading
QS Colo delivers processing speed that generates real competitive advantage for serious traders whether you trade your model on coded algorithms or prefer High Frequency Trading.  But you don’t have to be a High Frequency Trader to take advantage of a QS Colo solution.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Solutions + QS Server Technologies mean you have a super fast rock solid system driving your software, pre-trade analytics and automated trading algorithms.

Market Proximity | Low Latency
Our servers are physically located in data centers near financial exchanges providing Direct Market Access (DMA) to exchange matching engines, brokers and market data.  This means faster access to market data, faster signal and trade processing and faster order entry.  QS Colo is Faster – meaning you can take advantage of improved pricing and  improved liquidity to drive higher profits.

QS-Colo Cloud - Your QS Colo Server is secured in our data center and accessible anytime, anywhere from your desktop or other connected mobile devices.  For more information see QS-Mobile Solutions.

Our Expertise is Your Advantage
  • Over 17 years of experience building leading edge trading workstations and analytic systems.
  • Over 50 years of combined trading and building automated trading systems (traders helping traders get better)



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